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A bag and frame will be delivered to your house and will be emptied and replaced every 4 or 8 weeks. (Our records show that a 4 weekly service is more commonly utilised with a normal gardening & general waste clean-up routine)

PRICES: 4 Weekly Service- From $34 per bag, per pickup

             8 Weekly Service- From $44 per bag, per pickup


A bag and frame will be delivered to your house and will be emptied and removed once you have filled the bag/s. Perfect for residents vacating houses or people

having pre/post function cleanups. (Full payment upon setup is required for this service)

PRICES: Once Off Service- $50 per bag

(Discount given for more than 2 bags per job)


A bag and frame is delivered to your house and will be emptied and replaced every 12 weeks or, If on a request only service, your bag will be emptied once you have filled the bag and notified us. (This service is only temporarily offered to existing 4 or 8 weekly customers)

     PRICES: 12 Weekly or Request Only Service- $50 per bag, per pickup


We send someone over to collect and load your bulk rubbish & waste into our trucks. Perfect for getting rid of old household furniture & appliances or excessively large

amounts of garden and general waste. (Availability is very limited for bulk pickups)

 PRICES: We'll quote on the phone or send someone over for your free on-site bargain quote, (Prices starting from $200+).

Simple Guidlines for Filling the Bags Correctly

1. The following items are NOT allowed in bags.

- Any Toxic Waste or Poisons

- Medical Waste

- Food Waste

- Animal faeces & hair

- Asbestos products

- Excess sand or dense mulch/soil

- Bricks, Tiles & Large Rocks

- Vehicle Tyres

- Batteries of any kind

- Blades, Razors & other sharps

(If in doubt about anything else, call or SMS us anytime)

2. Do not overfill Bags.

It is important that garden and general waste is not filled above the top frame of the bag. The flaps of the bag must be able to be folded over to prevent any waste spilling over on your property and for removal of the bag from the frame.


If you have excess waste than can't fit in your bag, Call us and we will deliver a spare bag out to you or come by and empty your bag ASAP.

3. Keep Bag weight to a reasonable limit.

Whilst we do have a high level of physical strength and we are very fair with the weight limits also. For safety requirements, the hydraulic lifting arm on the truck has certain safe working load limits that must be adhered to.


However if a bag is overweight, we will leave a second bag at your property. Waste can then be distributed between both bags and we will return to collect both of them the following pickup.

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